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Add Keyboard rebinding ASAP

Okay, so as of writing this I have worked with Mosketch version .8 as that seems to be the most recent release. I've been using it off and on since June and I'm going to just be listing a series of improvements that should be added in the next version to release. These are all things that will improve the flow of work substantially for anyone using Mosketch exclusively for animation.

In the time I've used Mosketch, the biggest issue I've had is with current keyboard shortcuts that overlap with each other. In particular, one issue that I continue to run into is with the camera control.

For context, what will happen very frequently is that I will use the camera control keys, those being the arrow keys + alt to change the camera view to where I want it to be, select the bones I want, use the pose drawing tool to get the pose looking right on a 2D plane, adjust the camera to the tangential direction to make the pose look right on a 3D plane, turn it back to the previous view for a final bit of cleanup, and then I will select all the bones and add the pose as a keyframe. If everything goes smoothly, I can get a really good looking clean pose in the span of about 90 seconds. However, an issue I come into a lot is that I will attempt to change the camera view but my fidgety fingers will accidentally let go of the alt key while I'm doing this, resulting in an adjustment to the timeline and not the camera view.

When you have no keyframes in the timeline this generally isn't an issue because you can just save the keyframe at any point on the timeline then just adjust its placement. But when that isn't the case, changes to the timeline will result in a loss of the work you just did and thus you'll have to do it over as many times as it takes. And very frequently, this will result in me making the pose 5 times before I can finally save the keyframe.

Now there may be things I can do to prevent this from happening as much. And there are other fixes that can be applied to solve this problem. However, if I was able to change the keyboard shortcuts so that I could separate camera control from the arrow keys, that would solve the issue outright, not just with this but with pretty much any other problem that results in overlapping inputs.

Generally, I don't have a problem with the way the software is now. Though I did run into one glitch earlier on, the program seems to be operating fine and though some of the tools don't work particularly well, such as the pose mirroring, the primary tools I use, the select tool, IK translate and rotate, FK rotate, and pose draw all work exactly as well as they need to. This is the only issue that is affecting my productivity at this current time.

You can respond with a fix in data files if you like but it really would be more effective and widespread for everybody if there was just an ability to rebind shortcuts.

With regards,



thanks a lot for your detailed post.

Changing shortcuts would not be that easy because then, the new changes may collide with other shortcuts.

However, what could be done though:

1) Add a lock button in the timeline: when the timeline is locked, you just cannot change the current frame;

2) Add an auto-key feature that would automatically add a key whenever you make a change to a bone.

The first one is doable in few days. The second one may require some more work.

Would that help and solve your issue?

Either one could work I suppose but the other benefit to allowing users to change their own keyboard shortcuts is that it will make the software more user friendly. By allowing them to change the shortcuts to be more like software they're more accustomed to using, it can help their workflow tremendously. However, if I could only pick from those two solutions, I would prefer an ability to lock the timeline.

Ok, I will see what we can do and whether it is doable in an acceptable timing.

Thanks a lot for the feature request.

All the best.

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