What is Mosketch

Mosketch is a software to quickly and easily create 3D character animations.

What are the main features?

Please have a look here: http://support.mokastudio.com/support/solutions/articles/6000122695-main-features

Who is Mosketch best for?

Mosketch is useful for anybody wanted to create 3D character animation. As it does not require complex rigging, it is perfectly suitable for 2D and 3D artists with no prior knowledge on rigging.

What do I need to use Mosketch?

You can start animating in Mosketch by using the embed characters. You can also import your own 3D characters.

What are the first steps to use Mosketch?

Please follow this tutorials to get started with Mosketch: http://support.mokastudio.com/support/solutions/folders/6000211407

Does Mosketch support a specific software?

YES. Mosketch exports animations as FBX files. So any application that supports FBX should work just fine with Mosketch.

Do I need a drawing tablet to use Mosketch?

NO. Sketching is more intuitive with a drawing tablet. However, Mosketch works fine with a mouse and a keyboard. 

Can I use Mosketch without an internet connection?

YES and NO. Mosketch needs an internet connection to register, activate and validate the license. However, after you activated your license, you can use Mosketch offline for a few days. Then, you will have to reconnect to the internet to validate your license again.

Are there any plans for a Market place for Mosketch?

NO. We do not plan to do a market place with Mosketch.

Can I add / remove joints inside Mosketch

NO. You need to create the joints hierarchy using software like Maya, 3DSMax, etc.

Is Mosketch free?

YES and NO. As long as it is in Beta, it will be free.