Mosketch 0.18 with Streaming onto HumanIK Controllers Released

Mosketch 0.18 now allows real-time streaming onto HumanIK controllers inside Maya.


While we provide an example to connect Mosketch® to Maya® (see Note here below), the script available on download is open-source. Moka Studio invites developers to create new streaming scripts to connect Mosketch® to any other 3D animation software.

Note: an example of Streaming to Maya® and documentation on how to install the script can be found here.

About Moka Studio
Moka Studio is a technology startup that was founded in 2008. It develops unique technologies to make the creation of 3D animations easier, quicker and more intuitive. From 3D content creation to full VR and AR applications, from desktop solutions to cloud services, Moka Studio aims to be the reference for life-like animated 3D characters who progress and interact realistically in their dynamic environment.

About Mosketch®
Mosketch® reinvents the way 3D animations are created. It by-passes the tedious and often technical process of creating so called control-rigs, which traditionally are used to animate 3D models. With Mosketch® the artist is empowered to control the full cycle of production. It is as easy as creating a 3D model, importing it in Mosketch® and starting animating by intuitively sketching poses. Mosketch® also simplifies the animations methods by providing simultaneous access to Forward and Inverse Kinematics.

Sad this has ended :(

Has it really ended Derian Fly?!?! Because they told me they were in the works on releasing the license to open source. Seeing it on GitHub would be great, I’d totally try and Py it into Maya!

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Hey Mike! Please keep me updated on the py into Maya, I'd be down to help fine tune it with you and take some small pointers from cascadeurs auto-poser, hopefully this isn't dead like I'm assuming it is :(


Mosketch has been dormant for quite some time now. Yes, we still plan to restart it in the future. We however do not know yet when because it depends when we will have ressources for it. We indeed plan to make Mosketch free. We will however not make it open source. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I hope the clarifies things a bit.

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Oh wow! Glad to see an actual reply here, wasn't expecting that honestly, REALLY glad to hear it's going free but a bit saddened about the no open source as combining that with AI / Autoposing would be huge <3

Hey Darian, Sorry so long without replying. I can’t believe I’ve been away from social media for a year! I’ve been deep diving in rigging and trying to get my AG(animation generalist) portfolio a bit more polished before relaunching my website! I hope to have that done before the strikes are over and the studios get back to hiring again! I too am totally bummed that Moka won’t be releasing Mosketch as a CC0 or BY/BY-SA. I primarily work with Maya. So I know a lot of work will have to be done to recode it for 2023 and 2024 versions. Being that Autodesk now exclusively supports python3 which will be updating to python3.12 in October.— I actually prefer PyMel over python3 and that also sucks that Autodesk doesn’t directly support PyMel. It also sucks that even though pip is shipped with Maya 2024, there’s still no way to use it to instal PyQt5 on Mac or Linux. Which really sucks cause PyQt5 Designer is probably what I would’ve used to generate the GUI.
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