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OpenGL 2.0 Support

Okay, so fair warning, I have very little overall experience with in-depth technical stuff. The most technical stuff I've done thus far is installing and setting up a modem and router and installing an operating system. However, I was doing some research into Open GL support earlier today and I found out that on Windows specifically programs that use OpenGL like Blender for example come with the necessary drivers and libraries included in the software.

I don't know how many current users of the software are on Windows and if an inability to open Mosketch because of OpenGL 2.0 is a problem that only affects me. However, even if it is I think it would be to Moka Studios best interests to do what other software of its type do and include the necessary stuff inside the installer package.

However, while accessibility is the core of this issue, another facet of it is the design philosophy behind the software. As far as I can tell, Mosketch is designed as a software that handles most of the more complicated stuff automatically, without the artists needing to be computer experts. To then require users to find OpenGL drivers on their own, something that isn't really feasible without extensive knowledge of where to look, seems to be in direct opposition to this idea.

So that's my recommendation for today. Have a good evening.

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thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. If anybody else has such issues, that would be indeed nice to hear from them too. We had some reports directly by emails indeed too.

I agree that the main goal is to make 3D animation much easier thanks to Mosketch. And for that purpose, compatibility should be improved to make sure it can run on as many computers as possible. However, it still remains a 3D software using OpenGL, and as such, it would require updated graphics card drivers. Finally, having a dedicated graphics card would also be important. 

However, Mosketch has been tested with success on low-end devices such as a Surface Pro 3 with an integrated intel GPU ( in the past. So we should be able to make it compatible with your computer as well in the future. And we will work in that direction.

Thanks again for your helpful feedback and sorry for the inconvenience.


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