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Utility for Game Design

Hello, I am in the process of developing an action game using Unreal Engine 4 and am considering purchasing this software for use in making animations. I have a few questions that I want answered before I consider using the program. Keep in mind, these are things that are, for me at least, essential before I consider committing to anything.

Probably the biggest question I have because I couldn't find an answer for it is whether or not Mosketch allows the inclusion of background images? Specifically what I'd like is a feature to allow uploading animated gifs or videos as part of the background to make quality animation go a bit smoother. Specifically because I'm not particularly good at visualizing and like to use references as part of my animation. And, of course, when a background video or animated image is uploaded, have the playback be tied somewhat to the animation timeline with offset options to allow the video to begin playing later in the timeline or to allow a later part of the video to begin at frame 1, the latter of which is more important. Everything else may have information tied to the internet in some tutorial somewhere but this is the one thing that I'm not sure has been addressed yet.

I would also like to know if there is still some sort of dummy model inside the program. I read that the characters of Mosko and Okto are no longer in the engine as of one of the more recent versions but my issue is that the modeling program I use is Blender and the characters I have to work with have rigs associated with them specifically to make it easier to import them into Unreal Engine 4. However, the documentation says only the mesh and joints, no rigs, and I don't know if that's possible in Blender, nor do I think I want to do that since I don't know what attempting to do that will do to the models or my ability to progress in the development. If Mosketch comes with a male and female model respectively, that would alleviate the issue completely.

Finally, and this isn't necessarily a requirement as much as a nice to have for me, but I think it would be advantageous for many people, myself included, if there were two different versions of the software, one paid software where the majority of your money would come from, and a free version for the purposes of animators who may not have a lot of money to work with but who do have ideas and the talent to execute on those ideas. Better still if the software could become free or at least a lot less expensive if you consider doing what Epic Games does with Unreal Engine 4 and taking a certain percentage of profits of anyone who makes commercial products using this software. I think this would be the best approach so that the most successful users help funds the improvement of the software but those who just want to try it out wouldn't have to spend so much money on a software that they may end up not wanting to use.

If my feedback could be considered, I'd greatly appreciate it, or at least answers to my first two questions.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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thanks for your interest. You have a trial version if you want to have a look at Mosketch.

References (videos / images in the background)

This is a feature that is requested a lot actually. It is in our roadmap but it is not implemented yet.

Embedded characters

Mokto and Okto ARE embedded in Mosketch. And we will continue to embed them, at least in upcoming releases. Could you please point me to where you read otherwise? I would like to correct this confusion if possible.

Male and female embedded in Mosketch

There are 2 models embedded in Mosketch, one robot, and one octopus. But there are no male and female character unfortunately. At least, not yet.

Mosketch Licensing

We are still in the process of thinking about the best pricing we could apply to Mosketch. Perpetual license, freemium with subscription, free trial with subscription. So thanks a lot for the request, we will take it into account. But keep in mind that you already have 30-day free trial before buying it. Also, keep in mind this is an early-access so not ready for production yet. But test it, and contact our support to let us know what you think. That would help a lot actually.

Thanks again for your interest and for the feature requests. We will definitely look into this.

Have a great day.

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