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So no updates no activity = dead software

I've been watching Moskech for more than year now. Not to be a party pooper but you either turn this around and become super active with regular updates, roadmap and free beta testing or this project will be dead very soon. 

This is not a question, we've seen way too many projects like this and we know how and why they end up like that. 

This comes from a guy who really likes this tool but this is not how you develop a pricy software and certainly not a proper way to do business.

Today it just looks like yet another cash grab early access. 

I'm sorry I don't care about anyone's feelings here. I'm developing 3d authoring software in a huge company myself so I know how hard it is,  everything considered you are failing hard at it.

Hope you'll prove me wrong. 


sorry you feel that way. We posted an update 3 months ago ( and we plan to release an improved version of the streaming in the coming weeks. Sorry that we cannot develop faster but we are a really small team and we work as fast as we can.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ye I've seen that update. 

I would focus on UX and bug fixing rather than adding new features. Basic stuff needs to be solid at first. 

fir $72 early access and no actual user base to test this will lead to nowhere. As of right now I just stopped using it because it's unusable. Especially on Mac. 

I hope you guys manage to pull it off. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the feedback.

We focus our efforts on features and bug fixes reported by users. So if you have any particular bug or unstable features to report, that would help us a lot if you could contact our support directly.

As for the MAC support, it is indeed not satisfactory. Actually, developing on MAC is a major issue as every new release adds additional problems that we must deal with. And this takes a lot of time too.




im very interested too.

im an hobby user but have already buy it.

and im on mac.

this 0.17 update should be more visible, like here in the anoucements.

just hope good news soon.

Hi Antonio,

Yes, sure, we actually forgot (for some reason) to post the news here too. Mistake corrected. Thanks a lot for the report.

You can also get updates about Mosketch on our social networks:



Please note that the support on Mac is a little harder at every new MacOSX release though. But we are trying to keep up.


thanks.good luck for 2019

Thanks a lot Antonio. All the best for 2019 too!

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