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Mirror Not Functioning Properly

I started to demo Mosketch. I'm following the initial tutorials and using Mosko. When I 'mirror' a keyframe, it does not mirror properly. 

To test this, I start a new Mosko. 

1. I select 'Hip_R'

2. I hit 'E' and rotate the leg back with IK

3. I hit 'K' to set a keyframe

4. I hit 'esc' to deselect all so I when I copy the key it copies the whole rig

5. I move time to '0.00' and hit Ctrl+C to copy the keyframe

6. I move time to '1.00' and hit Ctrl+V to paste the keyframe

7. I hit 'Ctrl+M' to mirror and then hit 'K' to set the keyframe

Attached is the result. I've done this several times, same result. The upper body is ok as I didn't touch anything. However, the feet are rolled and distorted and the upper leg is wrong, reversed in the X-axis it seems. 

I imported an FBX character. I can pose it ok, but it won't mirror at all no matter what I do. 

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thanks for the bug report. It is indeed weird that the feet are rotated while there is no added rotation in them.

I will talk about this with the devs.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks again for the bug report.

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