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i ve been playing with this software and onion skin really adds something good.i like this software a lot because i think animation its something else than mastering a complex software.i wouldn't dare to be a maya slave to achieve 3d animation.without mosketch i would still be in hand drawn animation.

i would love to hear that you are still involved with it.i did appreciate the post by Eugene Flordamata about Anzovin rigs and your quick squash and stretch tutorials and some new build would make my days

as suggestions i mention pinning, not in space but to parents, like a guy and a bike, each with its own rig but you need to attach the hands to  the part of the bike they hang.i also would like to know if i can use 2 different characters each with its own root ,and animate like a combat ,if this is possible?


we are 100% involved with it. We are currently developing some new features. Please stay tuned.

For the moment, we do not support multi-characters. But it is indeed a very important feature that is in our roadmap.

Thanks a lot for your support! We are working as hard as we can to deliver as many new features as possible;)

Have a great day.


so if i combine the 2 characters under the same root it could work? 

please don't forget pinning to other joints in different positions in the hierarchy.

very glad to hear that new stuff is coming.wish you the best:animation disruption

Yes, indeed. Combining both characters under the same root may work. Please let me know what your feedback is on this one;)

Have a great day.


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