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Proper place to re-download the licensed version of Mosketch?

When I originally ordered it was via Fast Spring. No download links, just an activation number was given to activity the DEMO mosketch into licensed mode.

Now there is a Wacom Marketplace being used to buy the mosketch. Will the mosketch binary always be downloadable as a free demo convertable to active license at the web site?



you should be able to download it directly from the Wacom's Marketplace. If this is not the case in the future, we will indeed add a link to the latest Mosketch version on our own website.

I hope this is answering your concern. If not, please let us know.


Well, I can download the free version of MOSKETCH at the Wacom Marketplace but not the paid version even though I subscribed for 2 years at the other site.

So 2 things:

1) Is the Free and Paid version of the MOSSKetch binaries that get downloaded from the Wacom Marketplace the same?

2) And when my 2 years subscription to MOSKETCH are expired of the license I bought then the Wacom Marketplace won't know I've already purchased because then you sold at Handspring Marketplace making me pay the full price again what than an upgrade price.


1) Both versions are the same

2) For 2 years, you get all the updates and upgrades for free. After 2 years, you have to renew your "2 years" subscription indeed.

I hope this clarifies your questions.

Yes, thanks.

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