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cartoon rigs

in this website, Raf Anzovin is investigating R&D in what he calls ephemeral rigging, a free style rigging, where the bones are not hierarchical, the end result is a very cartoony hand-drawn looking animation, do you have plans for any manipulation for something like bendy bones? or does mosketch currently support free-position keyframing of bones?

like 20 sec into this video, the head can be moved quite far from the rest of the body.

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we indeed plan to add Squash & Stretch fonctionality in Mosketch in the future. We cannot however say when as it depends on so many parameters.

Thanks for this feature request!


how about a quick fix? where you maybe take out the end bone of a chain heirarchy out of the ik process loop, and it just follows the parent, but it can be keyed with translate and rotate,
although it double the number of bones where you want fluidity, it may be easier to implement?

I used this on simple animated characters, where we didn't have time to make a rig, and all we did was add some ik on legs and arms, the rest was just bone chain FK animation
I've attached a file where I think i have the doubled bones in it



great idea, that may indeed work. But normally, Squash & Stretch works well on joint scale attributes. If you want to try on the translation component, maybe something like this could help?

I stress the fact that this is a quick & dirty squash & stretch because normally, as far as I know, it should use the scaling components instead of the translation.

Please let us know if this may be a "good" fix for the moment.


Will this work with sketching as well.
We quite often use translation instead of scale to add stretch to ik setups in Maya.



sketching only adjusts the joints rotation. We found that while sketching, the most important is the overall shape of the stroke, not the length (or scale). 

Great if translation joints are good for cartoon rigs!

Please let us know if you have any feedback.


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