Mosketch 0.16 has been released

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thanks a lot  im very happy with it.checking in

Thanks Antonio!


It's pretty neat playing with the features in mosketch
I was planning on trying to animate mokto to do stuff
but I find that he becomes really slow when trying to move his head with some down influence on his legs
do you have any suggestions on how to operate mokto faster?

Yes, indeed it is slow. I just tested by adding 8 effectors on the tentacles. We will review this internally. We should try to make our IK faster. For the moment, you can try to change IK parameters by decreasing maximum number of iterations. I doubt however that will change the initial problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

no worries, I like the concept behind how your program operates, so I'll keep following it, i have no doubt it'll be amazing once all the bugs are ironed out. does he move faster on your end with less iterations? I find i never played around with the parameters much while trying out the program

Yes, tweaking these parameters may boost the IK a bit. But this is clearly not a solution. So we will have to see how to optimize this a bit more.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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