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Downloadable Videos on Vimeo


our videos are downloadable on Vimeo. See the following image.


Enjoy Mosketch.

Thanks very much. I will buy a license later this week.

Vimeo's servers keep failing my download connection. Granted, my download connection is only 350K bandwidth but really a professional site like Vimeo if it wants to stay in business needs to stop blatantly disconnecting people downloading videos from their site that have been configured to be downloadable.

I am watching a new attempt one. I am downloading currently 1 video and the download rate is 125 - 150K for a 44 megabyte movie. So it's not even that my bandwidth is too slow it is that Vimeo's servers are underpowered.

If I keep trying it eventually works.

Did you manage to download the videos? It is actually working on our side.

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Yes, i did. Sometime after I have tried & failed to download them for those days Vimeo changed something and those video from Moka Studio all downloaded very quickly on this past Tuesday.


Great to see that the videos are now downloadable.


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