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Wacom Bamboo CTH-670 aka Bamboo Create


I am trying the MoSketch Light Early Access 0.15.1028 trail version demos before deciding if I want to buy starting today.

I am doing the Creating a Walk Cycle with Mosketch in 12 minutes. 

I have a Wacom Bamboo Create (CTH-670) and as in the getting started help pages on the website I had unchecked every touch option for the Wacom Preferences for 1 & 2 Fingers, 3 & 4 Fingers but that caused the touch navigation for the Creating a Walk Cycle tutorial not to work so I re-enabled the following of them an then they work:

Wacom Preferences: Driver Version: 5.3.5-3

Tab: Touch Options: Enable Touch Input (rest are defaults)

Tab: 1 & 2 Fingers: Default

Tab: 3 & 4 Fingers: Default the under Four Fingers uncheck all 3 options:

                                                                                 Switch Between Apps

                                                                                 Show Desktop

                                                                                 Switch Win8 apps

I am actually running Windows 10 Creator Update but the Wacom Bamboo Create I/O tablet is quite old. I bought it in Spring 2012.

As I get further into the tutorials I will probably have to make more Wacom Preferences changes but those are what I have had to change so far for the Wacom Bamboo Create.


thanks for the information. We actually never tested Mosketch with a Bamboo. So please, if you have any other information, there it with us.


OK, I will update it as I work through the tutorials. I'm actually also using an HP Elitebook 8470P with an i5-3210 and Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 16GB RAM. That is a 5 year old laptop I bought on eBay to use with moSketch and the earliest available Intel GPU tech that can do moSketch according to what I learned from your website. An Intel HD Graphics can do openGL 4.0 (actually openGL 4.1 but officially on their help documents they list openGL 4.0) and openCL 1.2. While this website said that openGL 3.1 is sufficient earlier Intel HD Graphics GPUs that could do that can do not openCL whatsoever so an Intel HD Graphics 4000 or it's openGL 4.0/OpenCL 1.2 AMD or nVidia equivalent are the bare minimum. I expect though that I am one of the few that don't have newer hardware that would be even interested in buying a license for moSketch.

I am also learning animation for the 1st time via moSketch & the tutorials so this will be interesting learning experience for me.

Thanks, so far I am really pleased with the moSketch product.

OK, so I have completed the 1st Create Walk Cycle Tutorial and will correct the information I gave about the Wacom Bamboo Create configuration.

a) To Sketch Animate - turn off the Touch Input on the Bamboo

b) To Navigate - turn on the Touch Input on the Bamboo

There will be a big black button at the top of the Bamboo tablet at the edge of the grey sketch area to turn on and off the touch input quickly there is a blue power indicator light in the middle below it.

Also to touch navigate in the Wacom Preferences as said on the site here elsewhere turn off all touch options but for these two:


Touch Options - Enable touch input (turned on & off via the big black button mentioned above)


1 & 2 Fingers - Tap to Click checked, all others unchecked

3 & 4 Fingers - all unchecked

I attach the configuration screen shots.

I still find the mouse & keyboard easier but I will keep practicing. This is 1st time I actually use the Bamboo tablet.

(11.4 KB)
(31.1 KB)
(16.3 KB)
(22.5 KB)
(35.1 KB)
(18.6 KB)
(23.9 KB)
(41.4 KB)

Sketch Animate using your tablet pen I meant to say above when you turn off Touch Input. Mouse also so can be used.

Thanks a lot Andy for all the information!

We will see how to add this in the documentation if needed.


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