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position and scale

hi there, I know your program is in beta, and I can't wait to use it when it doesn't crash as often as it does on my machine.

but I really like the paradigm shift this can bring to animation.

do you have position and scale for joints in the roadmap?
I'm unable to test if those work with the crashing

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my guess is that this is built more oriented to games since I'm assuming you don't have plans for blendshapes?


sorry to hear that it is often crashing on your machine.

Yes, we support joint positions already. Joint scaling is however not supported for the moment.

Sorry again for the inconvenience. Please keep in touch with the support directly to solve your issue.

thanks for the reply, is scaling on the roadmap?


sorry for the late answer.

Scaling is not on our roadmap for the moment. It will however depend on users feedback. If a lot of users are asking for such features, we will try to adapt our roadmap accordingly.

HI sorry to interact here but scale would be huge .

this workaround of mine is not correct even and its hard to implement.  

Im thinking squash and stretch,

and many thanks again for the Onion.

(170 KB)

What about something like this?

Would that help?

for a car wheel its a lot of Trouble!

but its very useful in limbs!

Yes, indeed. It is not going to work correctly for your use case. Joint scaling is indeed important but that is not easy to do correctly actually.

Thanks for the feedback.

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