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Bug with imported 3D model


I wanted to try to use another character in Mosketch so I imported a free rig that I found on the Turbosquid website. It is called Xmas Cartoon Character.

When I open it with Mosketch the character's hat is detached from the head...

Is anybody else having problems loading models in Mosketch ?

Thank you for your help !


I had a look at your character and it seems to have multiple roots in the rig.

This is a feature we are planning to implement in Mosketch in the future but for the moment it isn't supported.

This might lead to some undesired animation's problems in particular with the sketching.

Mosketch is designed to work with single root rig for the moment.


On a second time I'll grab this model and check for the problem we can see on his head.

I'll let you know about this issue soon.



Hi, sorry it's been a while but this was interesting. Finally, we had some time to investigate further this model.

It turns out to be a good test and this is now solved.

So in the next version of Mosketch, you'll have your character properly loaded and with the textures as well if you extract them from the zip file.

Thank you for your feedback and enjoy Mosketch.

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