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Model for try out

Just in case you don't have a model to test on or just a model without all the complicated rigged that is usually needed for animation, here is our simple puppet.

It has just the necessary joints for motion animation so you can easily test all the functionality and the power of Mosketch.

If you already know how to animate a character you'll love being able to pose an animation so quickly without struggling with the technical aspect.

And for beginners, well just start sketching as you would do with your pen. No constraint, forget about the difference between FK/IK, all becomes simple, just try it.

Model download link:

Use the menu File/Open to load the scene once unzipped.

And don't forget you can easily create a webm video of your creation using the menu Camera/Playblast, so it is even easier to share.

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what is the registration code to use this test model?. Somehow i am not able to use this test model.


you first need to register with your name and email. Then you receive an activation code by email. That's all you normally have to do.

For more details, please see this page:

Then, you just need to unzip the file, and open Moska.mosk file.



For your first tests, you can now (since v 0.14) use the provided characters called Moska and Mosko. They can be opened through menu File -> Open Moska scene and 

File -> Open Mosko scene.

To be able to Import an animation is a must IMO!

Thanks Ralph for the feature request.

We will see internally how to develop this in the shorter term.


Thank you. All the other stuff can wait (retargeting mm), To import the animation is IT. We can't wait to modify all the animations we already have not to mention Mixamo and more - I am sure you understand.

I hit ctrl+i to import character but what file do I use when searching finder?


since you mentioned Finder, I suppose you are using macOS. Then you might want to read that page:

Please let me know if that helps.


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