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Dear Customer,

Please do let us know your feedback on the Open Beta version 0.8 of Mosketch.

We are very interested to hear about the use and feel of our software and look very much into improving your experience with it.


Moka's Team

I just got the test file and I am enjoying it . I had a question . What does it take to import an existing rig into Mosketch or does it have to be rigged within mosketch

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I'm very glad you are enjoying it. We realize that having a test file would be great to test the software obviously... So the next releases will always have one.

About your question, in fact in Mosketch, at the moment you cannot add or remove joints. This is a feature we are saving for the future. So you have to place your joints in a soft like Maya, 3DSMax etc... If the model is a skinned one, this has to be done in those modeler soft as well. Then you export your model as an FBX and you are good to animate it in Mosketch. 

If we are successful, the goal is to reduce the amount of work you need to do outside Mosketch, but we are not doing a modeling software, this is not our area of expertise.

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The non-standard menu behavior on the Mac is super annoying and would presumably be easy to fix. E.g. undo is ctrl-Z not command-Z, and in any event the shortcut is not shown in the menu.

I also find the icons to be very unintuitive. Tooltips would be very helpful.

On the whole I find the functionality to be alluring but the user interface is confusing.

Dear Tonio,

First let me thank you for your interest in Mosketch Light and for your kind words about the underlying concept and technology.

We do have tooltips when you hover on a button, but by now it is displayed in the window on the bottom right of your screen. One thing we could do pretty fast is to add the shortcut key indication in the menus thenselves (e.g. "Open File Cmd+O").

We plan to do a full revamp of our GUI, but we have so many things we are working on currently that it is difficult to tell you when it will be completed.

About the behaviour of pressing Ctrl-Z rather than Cmd-Z for the undo, I am under the impression that usually on a Mac it is the Cmd-Z that prevails. Nevertheless, I will pass on your comment to our developers and check if we could have both options working on Mac. That being said I just noticed that in our menu Help->Shortcuts we do have a mistake as we tell to use Ctrl instead of Cmd for Mac. I'll get that sorted asap.

I hope you will be able to overcome these little issues and focus on the benefits of Mosketch. Nevertheless, please do keep posting ideas and comments as your feedback is very valuable to us.

Best regards,


Moka Studio's Team

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