The ghosts allow you to see previous and next frames of animation. This helps you have a better understanding of the final motion while animating a particular frame.


Visibility: defines whether to display ghosts or not

View Mode - On Frames: displays ghosts in the user-defined interval [Start Frame - End Frame]

View Mode - On Keys: displays ghosts at keyed frames

Start Frame: start range to display ghosts

End Frame: end range to display ghosts
Snapping (only in On frames view mode): defines the number of frames between consecutive ghosts

Intensity: ghosts intensity

Gradient: ghosts colors (with transparency) for frames before current frame, and for frames after current frame


The ghosts slider allows you to quickly set the frames range to display ghosts. Bar dragging the slider (or the dots at the extremities), you can easily and quickly set the Start Frame and the End Frame values for the ghosts to be displayed.

Current limitations (to be resolved soon when we add autokey) :

- When modifying a pose, please note that a key needs to be created to have ghosts visualization updated.

- When the ghosts are updated (either by turning on the ghosts visibility or changing the "on keys/on frames" mode), the keys are also updated. So make sure you create a key if you don't want to lose the pose of your character.

If you have any problem or any question, please contact support.


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